About Me

I am a healer, a generator of great life force. I focus my energy in combination with the energy that flows through the universe, in and out of each and every one of us. I use this energy in my sessions. It flows freely from heart center into and around my client. I pull the wondrous energy Mother Earth has to offer up through my feet. As that energy fills me, it grows and combines with the supreme care and love I feel for life and the human experience.

I listen to my clients, not just with my ears and intellect but with my whole being. I strive to empathize with what he or she is going through both physically and emotionally. I do not build my sessions around any agenda I have created but from the will and desire of my client. We work together as a team to find the relief needed to feel and enjoy life to its fullest.

I do not use a specific recipe learned from school, rather I draw from all the modalities I’ve learned and my own intuition to design a session unique to each individual client. My sessions do not end in the massage room, they continue for me outside the session. I am always researching and gathering knowledge that I can bring back to my client in the following sessions.

I graduated as a Holistic Health Practitioner in 2012. It has always been my passion to channel spirit, healing & wellness into this human journey. I love working in an environment where I can utilize my unique qualities and skills as a healer. I use my deep connection to universal energy and knowledge of various modalities of massage to alleviate pain and bring the body back into balance. I love having the opportunity to teach others how to connect deeply within and utilize that power. 

I have spent the past 28 years of my life as a mother, student, and healer. I have learned just as much from my family as I have in an accredited institution. I have learned patience and to trust intuition. I believe technique follows perception, something I learned to trust not only from life but from teachings at the International Professional School of Bodywork.

I long to spread knowledge, healing, warmth, and love one body at a time. I enjoy being part of a holistic practice that believes in integrating body, mind, spirit, nutrition and exercise to promote the healthiest natural state of the human experience.

Bodywork optimizes life. It connects us directly to the vehicle that carries our soul. In its great power is the ability to diminish pain, create amazing self worth, and promote a calm that we would not know without its presence. My goal is to bring the body into balance and to co-create with my clients a life free from pain and stress. I am the bearer of a great gift you can give yourself as often as you wish. Take your health, body and clarity of mind into your own hands. Allow yourself to feel the difference bodywork can make in your life.